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Qualvecom launches Tyre Pressure Monitoring Sensor (TPMS) programme

tyresurequalQualvecom has partnered with Tyresure to add a complete TPMS solution to its extensive engine management and diagnostics range. The programme offers diagnostic tools to enable non-destructive analysis of TPMS and a full range of OE and Configurable TPMS sensors and consumables for complete coverage of sensor diagnosis and replacement parts.”

TPMS-icon-amber-01What is TPMS and what does it do?

A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is a system which monitors the pressure in your vehicles tyres. If the pressure falls below 20% of the required pressure, the driver will be alerted to an issue by an alarm and icon on the dashboard.

What are the legislative implications?

A functioning TPMS is now mandatory on all new European vehicles.

  • November 2012 – Car manufacturers began to fit new type vehicles with a tyre pressure monitoring system.
  • November 2014 – It is a legal requirement for all vehicle manufacturers to factory fit passenger vehicles with a TPMS.
  • Available from your local Motor Factor. For more information contact Qualvecom @ 01 4191611