Qualvecom introduces Elstock steering racks and pumps

Qualvecom has introduced the Elestock range of steering racks and pumps to its extensive product portfolio.

Elstock holds an extensive steering rack programme for European applications. At its own remanufacturing plant in the United Kingdom, the company supports a vast range of vehicles, with more than 1,000 steering rack part numbers.


Elstock is offering an extensive range, which covers passenger and light commercial vehicles of all makes. Parts look up is through user friendly catalogues based on cross reference numbers or by application type. New applications are constantly being added to the programme, and made accessible online through TecDoc and the brand’s web catalogues.

With almost 900 items, Elstock’s programme of power steering pumps offers a comprehensive coverage of both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The programme includes more than 20 EHPSP items covering almost 100 applications.
Three primary types are offered:
1) Electro-hydraulic pump – driven by electric motor
2) Electronic I – hydraulic pump driven by electric motor with one-way communication to ECU
3) Electronic II – hydraulic pump driven by electric motor with two-way communication to ECU
Available from your local Motor Factor For more information contact Qualvecom @ 01 4191611