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Qualvecom increases Timing Belt Kits and Water Pumps offering

Qualvecom copyQualvecom has increased its range of Timing Belt Kits with Water Pumps.

By combining INA timing belt kits and Metelli water pumps you get a complete timing belt replacement kit offering with OE Quality components exclusively from Qualvecom.

INA is the largest OE supplier of FEAD components and continues to offer the best and most up-to-date OE content range in the aftermarket. Each kit contains the belt/belts, tensioners, idler/deflection pulleys, over running alternator pulleys (OAPs).

Metelli supplies the water pump for which they are an aftermarket leader in production in Europe.

The main advantage of these kits with water pumps is the ease for the mechanic to identify the components related to the job, with all parts supplied in one ease of use box.