Qualvecom adds Promotive EFB battery to range

Qualvecom has added the Promotive EFB battery range from Varta to its range of batteries for commercial vehicle applications.

The Promotive EFB is a specifically designed battery for high-performance commercial vehicles with heavy cycling use.


The Promotive EFB conforms to robust vibration resistance requirements, including end-of-frame installation. Its technological features ensures improved performance and roadworthy reliability.

The innovative acid circulator effectively prevents acid stratification which is the common problem with deep cycling applications. Manufactured in Europe to highest quality standards, Promotive EFB will reliably power commercial fleets and dramatically reduce downtimes.

The hot melt renders the battery even more vibration resistant, because it saves the connectors from breaking. Additional connector fixations hold connectors and plates securely in place. Vibration resistance is even more enhanced – even on rough road conditions.
Compared with a conventional battery.