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Qualvecom adds new Rainy Day Flat Blade wipers from Champion

Qualvecom has introduced the new Rainy Day Flat Blade from Champion. With its new and improved slimmer design, the Flat Blade offers better visibility simply by not obstructing the windscreen view.

The range of flat blade products, though compact in its number of references, still covers a wide range of car make requirements with the adaptable connectors – supplied complete with direct fit and retro fit clips.

You really don’thave to read our 7 reasons to believe Champion reinvented the wiper, just take a look at every other wiper out there, and you’ll see that the difference in design is quite remarkable.

7 reasons you’ll love the Rainy Day Flat Blades

1 Multi Clip & Classic Clip for better connectivity
Get maximum application coverage: even if you still think standard for your car, you can fit a Rainy Day Flat Blade. The Multi Clip adaptor system now includes a Classic Clip for cars with a hook arm connection.

2 New technology for minimal windlift.
This flat blade keeps wind lift to a minimum

3 Unique design made minimalistic
Radically redesigned wiper to be as unobtrusive as possible: get a better view of the road ahead.

4 Minimal after spray meaning a cleaner windshield
Smooth and slim profile that keeps after spray to a minimum.

5 Minimal impact on the environment
Environmentally friendly – up to 60 per cent lighter flat wiper blades than competitor wipers with no trade off in performance.

6 Minimal wind noise
Nobody likes wind noise. That’s why Champion reduced it.

7 Ready for hard conditions
A wiper that will resist cold winters and abuse.

Now available from your local Motor Factor. For more information contact Qualvecom @ 01 4191611.