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Qualvecom adds Kerr Nelson

Qualvecom has added Kerr Nelson switches and sensors to its Engine Management Programme, along with the Kerr Nelson HighVolt plug lead range, which are of OE quality, fit and function.

The Qualvecom Engine Management Programme consists of a huge range of OE matching quality engine management parts.


The range is carefully chosen to ensure that the company has the very best products for every job at the keenest price, allowing you to make sure you can complete these jobs efficiently and effectively, providing the customer with the best value and highest quality service.

Kerr Nelson became part of Standard Motor Products in 2007 and is now able to offer a full range of Engine Management Components.

Conscious of the reputation for quality Kerr Nelson continue to uphold its values by ensuring that all product is of OE quality with comprehensive ranges and class leading cataloguing, with new references constantly being added to the range.