ProXL launches cost-effective Rapid UV Primer Aerosol

ProXL, a provider of refinishing and painting products for the automotive and industrial sectors, has added a super-fast curing high build UV primer to its expanding aerosol range.

Containing no hazardous isocyanates, the UV curing primer filler aerosol is safe to use and cost-effective, making it ideal for small repairs, according to ProXL.

Its claimed rapid curing time of just 60-seconds, reduces preparation work and increases productivity in the booth. As a result, ProXL claims the average smart repair costs approximately five cent.

Using the latest innovative UV technology, the new ProXL Rapid UV Primer Aerosol is said to be very easy to work with. There is no need for etch primer because it adheres to almost any substrate directly, including bare steel, aluminium, painted surfaces and most plastics. It features an extremely low odour when sprayed, and it is safer to use than a 2K solution. As an added bonus, and unlike other UV primers, after curing there is no sticky residue.

Traditional 2K high build primer, or HB primer aerosol, can take up to 30 minutes to cure, but ProXL says its Rapid UV Primer Aerosol is dry in just one minute. Further benefits include 150 microns of dry film thickness from a three coat application at up to 100μm, double that of a typical HB primer aerosol – and with zero shrinkage. And, where 2K or HB products offer between 20 and 60 per cent solids content, ProXL Rapid UV Primer Aerosol is claimed to provide a higher, 99 per cent level.

ProXL has calculated the approximate energy cost savings in the booth. For an A4 size vehicle repair, using ProXL Rapid UV Primer Aerosol costs just €0.05. That’s five times cheaper than an HB primer aerosol, and up to 1,000 times cheaper than using 2K primer, according to ProXL. It is also very easy to sand, with P500 to P800, increasing workshop throughput.

Charlie Bruce, technical and NPD, ProXL, said: “New ProXL Rapid UV Primer Aerosol is the most superior UV primer aerosol on the market. This isocyanate-free UV curing primer filler aerosol is ideal for small repairs, its rapid curing time of 60-seconds can drastically reduce preparation time, and increase booth throughput.”

ProXL Rapid UV Primer Aerosol is available in a 400ml can, enough to cover a theoretical area of one-metre square. It has a shelf life of one-year when stored in the correct conditions, and it can be purchased from ProXL stockists.