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Premier Diagnostics DPF Tester at Andrew Slattery Garage Equipment

Andrew Slattery Garage Equipment has added the Premier Diagnostics DPF Tester to its ever-growing product portfolio.

Described as the essential diagnostic tool, it is able to determine DPF faults in seconds!

Premier Diagnostics’ new innovative DPF Tester detects DPF removal, manipulation and / or failure by measuring particulate emission levels invisible using conventional testing.

The DPF Tester samples emissions during a short 30 second test at idle, reporting DPF efficiency against pre-set Euro limits (age related) with a simple Pass or Fail result.

It uses an optical sensor based on light scattering to measure particle density emitted by diesel vehicles with a compromised DPF, ensuring such vehicles are identified for repair and maintenance or removal.

This robust, easy to use DPF tester comprises a test stand, with measuring head, flexible sample hose, battery charger, optional Android tablet for wireless remote operation, printing results and live data graphics.

The unit is perfect for aftermarket testing and implementation of Low Emission Zones. The machine is pre-programmed to test at idle (no free acceleration smoke test) and gives Pass / Fail results in seconds.

The DPF tester has an optical sensor that is traceable to industry standards.

For more information contact Andrew Slattery Garage Equipment on 096 45655 or mobile 085 8887372.