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Picking parts that perform

There is an ongoing debate within the sector, which argues that when working with fleet managers, operators and workshop technicians you should be using original equipment (OE). However, Ring, the vehicle lighting specialist, challenges this claim and reinforces its position within the market as a leading supplier of LED bulbs.

Marketing Manager, Henry Bisson, explains why the company has the authority to challenge claims that aftermarket parts can, in some instances, be compared to OE products and how more than 40 years of experience has given technicians confidence in the brand.

He comments: “Ring is a unique company in the European aftermarket. Not only have we developed a full range of heavy duty and LED bulbs, we have also worked hard to establish the brand and to encourage technicians to rely on our range.”

“More than 40 years of experience has given us the confidence to develop bulbs that we know will perform and that importantly will deliver the same outputs as OE. We were never going to be content with being a ‘me too’ brand, we wanted to create a market leading range that would deliver time and time again.”

“As well as having a range of LED bulbs we also have our TruckMaster Heavy Duty Long Life (HDLL) range. These are ideal for trucks and HGVs and provide a source of lighting that drivers and managers can depend on to deliver long life and durability.

“Rough roads, potholes and vibrations are a frequent cause of bulb failure, TruckMaster HDLL bulbs have been designed to withstand excessive vibrations, which trucks and other specialist vehicles are regularly subjected to.”

“The filament is the most important component in a bulb and the TruckMaster HDLL halogen bulbs have been engineered to have this reinforced providing extra strength and robustness against vibrations, meaning these bulbs are not just durable but offer superb long life.”

Not content with having a range of award winning bulbs, Ring has maintained its position as a market leading supplier, never taking for granted the positive feedback from technicians.

As well as making a significant and consistent investment into the development of new and innovative products, Ring is also one of the only companies in the industry to have a state of the art lighting laboratory.

Bisson continues: “We have the widest range of bulbs in the automotive sector and with this comes the responsibility to ensure that they are the best. We felt that it was important to have our own QA facility that would allow us to test our products in extreme conditions to ensure that our range would meet and exceed expectations.

“In addition to simply supplying bulbs, we understand the challenges that are faced by the technician and offer our support to the customer. Having worked in the sector for such a long time we have people who are experts and can offer advice and guidance when needed.”

“Put simply, when you choose a bulb from Ring, not only do you get a market leading product that you can rely on, you also get the support and service that you should expect from a specialist that continues to innovate, invest and improve vehicle lighting.”

Providing a round-up of the range from Ring, its portfolio of 24V bulbs includes:

TruckMaster HDLL
These bulbs have been specifically designed with a reinforced filament to withstand excessive vibrations which trucks and other specialist vehicles are subjected to.

TruckMasterHDLL 24V bulbs are manufactured in Europe to OE specification and rigorously tested to standards set by truck and commercial vehicle manufacturers. Ring also quality assurance tests the bulbs to further vibrations and conforms to IEC60810 European Vibration Standard.

LED bulbs
Using up to 80% less energy than a standard bulb, LEDs are the latest evolution in vehicle lighting technology. Predominantly used to upgrade side lights, indicator lights, brake lights, reverse lights and interior bulbs they can last up to five times longer than the equivalent incandescent bulb. LED headlight bulbs are available but only for off road use. Ring offers both a performance and premium range of LED bulbs.

According to VOSA, headlamp misalignment is the most common failure for HGVs during an MOT test – accounting for over 30% of the failure rates.

While having a bulb failure is not judged a significant fault, failure to take action to minimise re-occurrences is an issue. Being found to have regular bulbs failures or misalignments will adversely affect the drivers’ Operator Compliance Risk Score, which is used to calculate the risk of an operator not following the rules on roadworthiness (the condition of its vehicles) and traffic, e.g. drivers’ hours, weighing checks.

Lighting is part of a driver’s daily walk around checks. Any faults with lighting will score points against the OCRS and can lead to points on the license and fixed penalties.

For further details about Ring and its range of lighting options, including bulbs, as well as its extensive portfolio of accessories please visit or call 0113 2132000.