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Philips how-to-guide when changing headlight bulbs

Cars vary hugely in complexity. For some cars, it’s relatively simple to open the bonnet and get to the back of the headlight, remove the old bulb and replace it with a new one.
As technology has advanced, the space within the engine compartment has been filled, making it more and more difficult to replace the bulbs. On other cars, it can be fiddly and with some cars, you may have to remove the whole front bumper, grille and wheel arch inners to get to the lights – it is not inconceivable for it to take a couple of hours to change a pair of headlamp bulbs, making it quite an expensive process – so you want to make sure it is done correctly and with a product that isn’t likely to fail. Quality counts!

With this in mind, Lumileds – the name behind the Philips Automotive Lighting product ranges – one of the world’s largest suppliers of car headlight bulbs to the automotive industry and aftermarket, has uploaded a number of useful step-by-step lighting fitment videos for technicians on its own YouTube channel.


The Philips Automotive Lighting Europe YouTube Channel offers a range of both technical instruction videos and short product information films to make it easier for workshop technicians to change the bulbs on the most popular cars on the road.
The range of Philips bulbs is comprehensive and, as well as a full selection of replacement and upgrade Halogen and HID Xenon replacement bulbs, it also includes LED lighting options for various vehicle applications. Find the range of Philips bulbs online at:

You also need the right tools for changing the bulbs-Philips have a handy bulb fitting kit that includes Magill scissors that enable mechanics to reach into the tight areas of a vehicle to twist the bulbs out without getting their hands dirty, and a flexible moveable mirror that allows you to see the hard to reach areas all in a handy carry pouch.
Other important items that you will need to change the headlight bulbs include: a worklamp and Philips bulbs-Philips RacingVision for superior performance on the road, gloves to protect your hands and the bulbs, as the glass of the bulb, should not be touched when installing as even the smallest amount of contaminants that evaporate in the headlights and deposit themselves on the sensitive mirror surfaces. This can cause an unsightly coating to build up relatively quickly, which will affect the lighting quality at some point.

How to replace headlight bulbs on a Fiat Abarth 500
First open the hood and secure it, remove the plastic cover, pull the bulb out by pushing on the plastic lock pin and gently detach the connector from the lamp. Take the new bulb and connect it to the connector, then insert the bulb into the bulb housing, in its original position. Next replace the plastic cover. Repeat the procedure for the other headlight.
When one bulb finally fails, this should be a clear indicator to replace the other one as well. High-quality bulbs have a very similar service life and you can assume that the filament of the second bulb will also have severely deteriorated. Replacing bulbs in pairs restores the lighting to optimum condition.

To view the videos, type in “Philips Automotive Lighting Europe” into YouTube.