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Perfect timing every time with febi bilstein

The timing chain is an important part of the engine system, precisely controlling the opening and closing of the engine valves. The chain connects the crankshaft to the camshaft, and is kept under tension by a chain tensioner. Along with guides, the tensioner is used to keep the timing chain from vibrating.

Timing chains have a relatively long service life and are wear-resistant compared to other components. However, as the chain wears out, it stretches and can cause the timing to run out. This can cause a variety of noises which range from rattling to whirring, whining or buzzing.

Other signs the timing chain is worn include:

  • engine feels sluggish,
  • engine is down on power
  • engine has trouble starting.


It is vital that the timing chain is replaced at intervals recommended by the manufacturer, as failure can cause severe damage to the engine. If the timing chain is worn, it is usually replaced as a kit with a new tensioner, guides, and other parts of the chain drive mechanism.
febi supplies a range of almost 300 timing chains, in OE matching quality. Its timing chains are available as complete repair kits with chain tensioners, rails and sprockets.

The chain is located inside the engine as it needs to be lubricated by the engine oil in order to function correctly. Lack of oil changes, low oil level or poor oil quality can cause the timing chain to wear faster.
It is important to use high quality oil to ensure long service life. The oil level should be frequently checked and topped up if necessary. febi supplies high quality engine oil to ensure optimum performance is maintained.

When you want to be sure of quality and fitment, choose febi bilstein.

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The febi product brand is part of the bilstein group, which also incorporates the strong SWAG and Blue Print brands. Further information can be found at: www.bilsteingroup.com