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PCL marks 75 years of ‘Made in Sheffield’ couplings

This year marks 75 years since PCL manufactured and patented the first ever ‘Made in Sheffield’ coupling, which has become an essential piece of kit in workshops all over the world.

Ever since its invention, the PCL has gathered well-earned global reputation for being robust and reliable. The original product, known affectionately as the ‘PCL’, has continually developed over the years, always maintaining its market-leading position.

Still made and tested in Sheffield, as it has been from birth, it is officially the longest lasting UK style coupling.

Now PCL has released its latest version, which it says is even more effective, user-friendly and versatile.

This enhanced product has been upgraded to meet the challenges of the new decade, incorporating the highest quality components and rigorous testing methods introduced by PCL for all pneumatic applications.

Built for intensive use, and in demand for a huge range of automotive and industrial markets – from military breathing applications through to everyday pneumatic workshops and factories – the reinforced coupling meets all requirements for a reliable, high quality, no leak, fail-safe solution with low lifetime costs.

The new coupling comes with an extended five-year warranty.

PCL’s core lines of couplings – Airflow, Vertex and XF-Euro – are now being manufactured with a distinctive blue silicone band to define them as genuine ‘Made in Sheffield’ products.

Their thickness has been increased to neatly house the stylish blue band, providing extra durability. These three key ranges also come with a five-year warranty, as does the industry-proven Safeflow Safety Coupling, which features a blue sticker as the PCL mark of authenticity.

PCL sales director Lee Wright comments: “This is a fantastic milestone in our history. To have manufactured and developed a world-class coupling in the UK to our exacting ‘Made in Sheffield’ standards for three quarters of a century is a tremendous achievement. Our couplings are simply unbeatable in terms of quality, reliability and longevity. What else would you expect after 75 years of testing and innovation.”