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PCL appoints new operations director

PCL has appointed Dean Battersby to the role of operations director. He replaces Mark McCaughey, who has retired after 30 years of service.

Based out of the company’s UK HQ in Sheffield, PCL said Battersby’s immediate focus will be on lean manufacturing and developing innovation, taking the positives out of adaptions made to navigate business around the worldwide pandemic.

Having worked for multi-national companies servicing the automotive, aerospace and rail industries, Battersby brings to PCL over 22 years of executive experience in manufacturing, operations, procurement, logistics and product management.

He was headhunted for the role following two years at the mechanical and Pneumatic conveying systems company Schenck Process UK Ltd.

Commenting, Dean Battersby said: “I’m very passionate about keeping manufacturing in Sheffield and want to do what I can to maintain that. I’ve known about PCL ever since I started work. They have a good pedigree and a good name, not only for the quality products and processes, and the desire to continually improve products and innovation – but also for the company’s culture and how it treats its people.

“There have already been a lot of improvements but there’s a lot more we can do. There is massive opportunity across the board for new products and improving efficiency and delivering reliability to our customers, whilst continuing with the high levels of quality.

“Where operations around Covid-19 are concerned, if you can be efficient and improve yourself now, it’s going to stand you in good stead for the future. We need to build the positives that have come out of it, like using new technology, into our way of working.”