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Paul O’Connell makes the switch to self-charging hybrid

Toyota Ireland tells us that its brand ambassador, Irish sporting legend Paul O’Connell, has made the switch to a self-charging hybrid and will now be driving a 2019 Toyota RAV4.

The retired rugby star has been a Toyota brand ambassador since 2010. He recently opted for a new generation RAV4 making the move away from diesel in the process.

Paul O’Connell and the RAV4

The RAV4 hybrid features a new 2.5 litre engine and has a 10mm wider and 30mm longer wheelbase than its predecessor. It has been carefully engineered to give consumers all the benefits of an SUV with a spacious comfortable interior and cargo department while also benefiting from the fuel economy of a compact hybrid vehicle.

Speaking on his switch, Paul O’Connell said: “Making the switch to a hybrid was a no brainer for me. In recent times I think we have all become more aware of our carbon footprint and the negative affect diesel can have on our environment. The RAV4 is a superb cross over SUV, with lower fuel emissions, low maintenance costs and a smoother driving experience.”

In 2018, Toyota made what was seen by many as a brave decision to abandon diesel models from passenger cars, instead choosing to focus on self-charging hybrid as the immediate solution towards electrification.

The RAV4 is available in three grade options (Luna, Sol and Sport), and prices start from €37,915.

Steve Tormey Toyota Ireland CEO commented: “At Toyota Ireland we are proud to have phased out the production of diesel passenger cars. As leaders in self-charging hybrid technology, we are delighted to have Paul O’Connell lead the charge by driving hybrid. It is amazing to see well-known Irish figures join the hybrid revolution with us. Together, we hope to continue creating a better world!”