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Pass new wires or cables through bulkhead grommets with ease

Whether fitting electrical accessories or repairing a wiring harness, it can be a real problem trying to pass wires or cables through from the engine bay or boot into the passenger compartment. Or when carrying out wiring harness repairs it can be a real struggle passing a new wire through box sections or behind trim panels. Laser Tools offers two solutions: the wire insertion tool set (part number 7618) and the wire guide tool (part number 7775).

Harness bulkhead grommets are designed to seal against dirt and water ingress and getting another wire through there can be quite a challenge. The new wire insertion tool set is a four-piece tube set with a hollow screwdriver-type handle that is designed to easily pass through the grommet or seal therefore letting you slide a wire or cable through the tool to the other side.

Two widths and two lengths are supplied, covering a wide range of cable or harness section diameters and enabling access in tight areas. The tool is eased through the grommet without damaging the grommet or the existing wiring; the new wire or cable is pushed through the tool. Slide the tool back out, leaving the new wire in place. It’s as easy as that.

Passing a new wire or a repaired harness section through a box section can test the most patient technician — automotive wire has to be flexible but it is just not rigid enough to pass through longer sections. The wire guide tool solves this particular problem: it is one metre long and rigid enough to maintain its shape but remains very flexible. The wire is simply hooked around the loop which holds it securely as the wire guide is passed through the box section or behind the trim panel. The tool’s flexibility lets you guide it past any obstructions. Now carefully pull the guide and the wire through the section and the job is done.

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