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PACT is on the rise

PACT, the automotive aftermarket electronic trading initiative, is continuing to experience growth in the number of electronic trading relationships being formed between parts suppliers / manufacturers and motor factors in the automotive aftermarket.


This directly reflects the industry’s growing awareness of the benefits that the developing technology can bring to the marketplace.

Mark Rudge of PACT, said: “PACT is the industry standard for connecting businesses in the automotive aftermarket and we are seeing numerous companies make significant changes to their business, due to the efficiencies created. For example, motor factors have the ability to place orders and check stock availability in real-time while suppliers can automate order acknowledgements, dispatch notes and invoices. This has allowed companies to concentrate on customers, increasing their marketing activity and support.”

Sharing a common interface improves communication throughout the supply chain as all orders are automated and seamlessly transacted into a business’ management system.
This in turn eradicates common issues brought about by human error, improving time management within a business, ultimately reducing costs.