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Over 100 standalone water pumps available from Continental

Timing belt change coming up? Then the water pump should definitely be replaced at the same time. Because it simply makes good sense to change this consumable as well when carrying out such a time-consuming repair. That’s precisely what Continental’s kits containing all the necessary components are for.

In some engines, however, the water pump is driven by a multi V-belt or an electric motor. If the pump is faulty, fitters do not need a complete kit, but just a new water pump. Continental has now expanded its offering in response to that, with a range containing more than 100 types.

The range includes pumps for millions of vehicles in Europe. Each pump comes complete with all the consumables needed for fitting and – if necessary and specified by the manufacturer – the required seals.

The pumps are manufactured in OE quality: Mechanical shaft seals made of carbon and silicon carbide ensure durability, and the integral bearings with their roller and ball bearings deliver smooth running – while ensuring the maximum displacement volume and excellent sealing performance. As with all its other products for the automotive aftermarket, Continental also grants a five-year warranty on these products for registered workshops; visit