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OptiMate chargers tackle numerous possible battery conditions

OptiMate is manufactured by TecMate which is a specialist international battery charger manufacturer and is recognised as a leader in its field.

Because TecMate has specialised 100 per cent in “smart” charger technology for nearly two decades, its products feature the latest technology and unsurpassed quality of both design and production.

OptiMate chargers are designed to automatically cope with a myriad of different possible battery conditions and assess, recovers, charges, maintains and monitors the battery perfectly over many months if necessary.

OptiMate has now been recommended by virtually every major motorcycle manufacturer for very good reasons – they test and assess maintenance chargers to ensure it will not damage either the battery or the bike.

Europower Battery Centre is a distributor for Optimate in Ireland and are exhibiting at the upcoming Auto Trade Expo in Citywest Hotel & Exhibition Centre, Dublin, October 20-21.