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Optimal adds pre-assembled brake shoe kits to range

Optimal had added pre-assembled brake shoe kits to its range of brake products. The kits include brake adjusters, new mounting springs, wheel brake cylinders and brake shoes. By speeding up work processes, they provide Optimal’s customers with an ideal, time-saving solution for changing brake shoes.



In contrast to the laborious task of adjusting brake shoes using old adjusters, new brake adjusters of OEM quality enable brake shoes to be adjusted precisely.

New springs of OEM quality ensure parts function faultlessly.

New seals in the wheel brake cylinders always provide very effective protection against the loss of hydraulic fluid.

The new brake shoes make vehicles safe and stable to drive. OPTIMAL friction linings and brake shoe kits are manufactured in accordance with the
ECE R90 standard and ensure flawless and optimum braking performance.

DOT 4 hydraulic fluid must be used when fitting the brake kits.