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Customer research finds one-third considering new car

A summary of new research supplied to us by Easytrip, has revealed that one in three of their customers (motorists) are considering the purchase of a new vehicle in 2019. Those drivers who were seeking to secure a new vehicle this year also highlighted the following engine type preferences: Diesel (43 per cent); Hybrid (27 per cent); Petrol (19 per cent); and Plug-in electric (nine per cent).

The company, which is Ireland’s only combined electronic parking and tolling tag provider, says that from it’s customers surveyed, they got 5,500 respondents to take part in their research, and the results claims that circa 1,830 are considering a new car purchase.

When it came to where the vehicle would be purchased, respondents to the Easytrip research highlighted a local car dealership as their top choice at 77 per cent. This was followed by 15 per cent of respondents who were considering a UK import purchase, and five per cent who would be purchasing the vehicle privately.

Commenting on the research, Colin Delaney, CEO of easytrip said: “A new vehicle purchase is a key requirement for many motorists and it’s interesting to see from our research that diesel remains as the most popular option followed by hybrids and petrol models this year.

When it comes to where to purchase a vehicle, we would recommend that motorists do their research and select a local dealership who is a member of the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI).

Whether it’s a new or pre-owned model purchase, the car market has a lot to offer for those buying and we would advise motorists to shop around and to remind them to update their easytrip account details when change of ownership is confirmed.”

Reminder to update your account if buying or selling a vehicle
Easytrip also advises those buying a new vehicle to transferred their existing tag to it but remember not to forget to update your account details, as you’ll risk receiving a toll bill (billed at the higher rate) and penalty charge if you’ve travelled through the M50 toll plaza as your new vehicle registration is not connected to your toll tag account.

Also, when selling your old vehicle, if you inadvertently leave your tag in the vehicle and haven’t updated your toll tag account, the new owner may continue to use your tag at most barrier toll plazas, racking up a bill connected to your account.