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Omnicraft – Ford’s global other brands parts programme

Ford dealers throughout Ireland are now able to supply parts for all makes following on from the introduction of the new Omnicraft brand.

The Omnicraft parts range offers competitively priced, quality components to independent garages. Ford dealers in Ireland can now become a one-stop provider for all parts to independent garages throughout Ireland.

“Omnicraft is the first new brand offered by Ford Ireland in more than 40  years and is an important growth opportunity for dealerships as they will be able to sell parts for all vehicles,” said Paul Pender, Trade Business Manager, Ford Customer Service Division. “Omnicraft is a significant benefit to our dealers and their trade customers as they compete in the fastest growing segment of the overall vehicle aftermarkets business.”
For launch, Ford focused on developing the most commonly requested parts, including oil filters, brake pads and discs, starter motors and alternators. Ford will introduce engine and cabin air filters, brake master cylinders and wheel hub assemblies within the next months.

At launch, Omnicraft parts will be available at 5,279 Ford dealerships across 12 markets in Europe, including Ireland. Ford also offers its Ford Motorcraft complete line of replacement parts for older Ford vehicles.