Oil contains vital clues – says Tel Labs

A small sample of oil contains vital clues as to the condition of an engine, according to oil analysis specialists Tel Labs.

Dedicated oil laboratories, such as TEL Labs can extract these clues from the oil to detect problems and predict in advance what parts need to be replaced.

If used effectively, oil analysis has been proven to deliver significant cost savings by reducing the number of repairs and mechanic hours required to service an engine over a period of time.

Oil analysis is the only diagnostic tool which allows a mechanic see exactly what is happening within an engine without having to take it apart. As oil passes through almost every component of an engine, it gathers wear metals, debris, water, fuel etc… which builds an accurate profile of the condition of the engine and its parts.

Historically, oil analysis has been used for the monitoring and maintenance of high value engines/ machines. Garages also use oil analysis to guarantee the condition of an engine to buyers of high value imported or used cars.

Accurate analysis of the condition of your engine
Understand the wear and tear within your engine
Identify issues which may escalate into catastrophic engine failure if left unattended
Schedule down time and mechanics time more effectively
Remove the guess work by accurately detecting the parts which require repair or maintenance
Improve engine reliability and safety
Increase the lifetime of the engine
Reduce environmental waste by improving the life span of engine oil and oil filters
Routine oil analysis creates a history of the engine overtime

How it works?

A laboratory will need a small sample of oil (60ml) which can be taken from the dipstick by using tubing and a suction instrument to gather the sample. The sample is sealed and sent to a specialised oil laboratory where it is tested by qualified engineers and laboratory technicians.

Analysis is completed using state of the art equipment to perform various tests on the oil. A report is then prepared for the customer, to highlight results which may indicate wear or tear.

For more information contact TEL Labs on (0) 59 9152881 or visit their stand at the Auto Trade EXPO, at Citywest Exhibition Centre, Dublin, October 17-18.