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Not all auxiliary belts are the same  

Dayco, a leading engine products and drive systems supplier for the automotive, industrial and aftermarket industries, prides itself on the quality of its products and is dedicated to ensuring they perform to the highest possible standard. Part of that commitment is to both introduce new products and apply the latest developments in technology to its existing programme, which is where its new range of auxiliary belts comes to the fore.

Due to the increasing complexity of the auxiliary drive system and the higher loads, inertia and power requirements from the accessories driven by the belt, Dayco has developed several different materials and construction technologies to ensure its PV belts provide the optimum solution for each individual installation. As a result, its market leading range enables it to match the best belt for each application to ensure the perfect fit, function and to provide a long service life for even the most demanding, latest generation engine.
Irrespective of the final formulation, all Dayco PV belts are constructed using ethylene-propylene-diene-monomer (EPDM) material, which guarantees strength, reliability, low noise and durability. It also allows for the flexibility required for use on pulleys with small diameters and provides the ideal material to cope with a wide range of operating temperatures.
To reflect these advances, the latest Dayco PV range now includes the standard EPDM belt, which is designed for heavy load conditions, the EPDM belt with its back produced in textured rubber and the unique EPDM belt with an additional HT layer on the ribs. These provide the optimum solution for each and every system application.
In addition to traditional auxiliary drive systems that operate using tensioners, are those that have fixed pulley centre distances and do not need an external tensioning devise because they rely on a stretch belt, which is where Dayco’s stretch belt provides the perfect solution. It is important to note that the installation of the belt in these systems requires special tools that allow the belt to be safely stretched in order for it to be properly positioned on the pulleys.
Dayco manufactures PV belts for both original equipment (OE) and aftermarket supply chains. However, unlike many suppliers, Dayco does not split its manufacturing facilities between OE and aftermarket and therefore uses the same production processes and materials for the products it supplies to both channels. This means the technicians can have complete confidence in the products supplied under the Dayco brand, as these products will automatically incorporate the latest technology.
For more information regarding the OEM quality power transmission products in the Dayco range, please email: info.uk@dayco.com or visit: www.dayco.com