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Nissens has AC season covered

Nissens tells us that its complete AC programme includes compressors, condensers, interior blowers, evaporators, receiver-driers, fans and most recently, thermal expansion valves (TXV).

Nissens has more than 3,000 AC parts, catering for in excess of 15,000 OE part numbers. This range is in constant growth with more than 200 new to range additions introduced each year.

The compressor range consists of almost 600 part numbers, supplemented by close to 1,200 condensers, which cater for 79 and 94 per cent of the European car parc respectively.

All Nissens compressors are First Fit products – pre-filled with the right type and quantity of lubricant and include O-rings, as well as an electrical harness and connectors or a protective pre-filter, whenever needed.

The company has also expanded its range of 60 plus TXVs this season, which cover more than 290 OE numbers for the most popular car, van and truck applications.

All Nissens TXVs are equipped with O-rings and mounting bolts, whenever applicable to the OE part.

Nissens condensers include O-rings and are protected from corrosion with a specially designed coating. In saltwater tests, condensers treated with this corrosion protection function up to eight times longer than non-protected condensers.

Another notable distinction is that in excess of 200 components in the range fit the most popular hybrid and electric vehicle applications.

Nissens says all products are developed and manufactured according to market-recognised, genuine Nissens’ quality standards, and the majority of the company’s AC parts are also First Fit products, which means the technician gets everything that is needed for their correct installation within the product box.

Furthermore, Nissens’ condensers are corrosion protected, which prolongs their lifespan considerably.

Alongside its premium quality components, Nissens has a reputation for its technical support, which it provides to installers through a variety of forms from print to online, including technical training, self-learning modules and technical tips, as well as detailed installation and troubleshooting guides.

Regardless of whether on the distribution or installation side of the business, all the vital information related to the Nissens Climate System Parts programme can be found here – including product feature reviews and data, as well as the technical training offer and professional AC system service-related technical material.