Nissens Automotive launches new aftermarket web portal

Nissens Automotive says it has designed a new website for automotive professionals to leverage their technical skills within the thermal management and efficiency & emissions system sectors.

The new Nissens internet platform is an easy-to-use website and library of more than 100 assets, that includes technical articles, tips, bulletins and tools, which are all dedicated to technicians and, as an added benefit, visitors can also download or print the material for future reference.

Whether linked to a specific part, or a general system insight, any new Nissens technical content goes straight to the library, whenever a new product is introduced.

During the remainder of the year, Nissens says it will continue to expand the portal and add new insights and many exciting features to deliver valuable technical content to information hungry professionals. Along with the technical literature on the latest technologies and vehicles, it will also include a selection of practical tools that technicians can use in their daily work.

For example, there are service posters or newly updated refrigerant and lubricant fillings charts that are planned as extensions for this year’s climate control season.

Nissens Automotive marketing manager, Jan Zieleskiewicz said: “As a dedicated parts supplier, delivering Genuine Nissens quality components across several product groups, our objective is to set technicians up for success by providing the resources they need to do their job well.

“This is part of what sets our brand and its products apart in the market and allows us to make a real difference to technicians and the work they undertake.”

This latest development, alongside many other policies that Nissens has implemented, is part of the company’s goal of reducing its environmental footprint and, not only does it make its latest product information more accessible to aftermarket professionals, but it’s also consistent with its plan to phase out paper product literature by the end of 2022.

Platform users can navigate the site’s library by going via the top stories or product categories. The top stories section highlights assets recommended by the editorial staff as relevant for the given season or a particular system. Whereas in the category section, users can choose from product groups to find the information they are searching for. At any point, the needed library assets can be searched and filtered through relevant text, e.g., the component name or even a part number.

Drop-down menus containing relevant content, such as video tutorials and best practice guides, are presented in an accessible way that is easy to digest, making the product information a definitively helpful resource for professional technicians.

“Integrating the company’s well-established educational platform, the Nissens Training Concept (NTC) to allow even easier access to advanced training courses, as well as self-learning modules, is another planned extension,” Zieleskiewicz continued.

“With several thousand trainees and active users of our electronic courses, the development plans for more NTC learning modules are forging ahead. This success has spurred the expansion of the Product Support portal and furthers our aim of driving value to aftermarket professionals by making access to our shared knowledge even easier than before.”