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Nissan to supply 2,000 electric Leafs to Uber in London

Nissan and Uber have signed a deal to support the introduction of 2,000 all-electric Nissan Leafs.

The fleet of 40kWh Nissan Leafs will be offered to Uber drivers in London as part of the ride-hailing company’s Clean Air Plan.

Nissan will provide Uber with a dedicated electric vehicle education programme, transaction price and marketing plan to drive uptake of the zero emission vehicles.

This deal will help to deliver Uber’s vision for every car on the app in London – around 45,000 drivers – to be fully electric from 2025.

The Nissan Leaf, which can travel up to 168 miles (270 kms) on a single charge, will be manufactured in Sunderland.

Launched in January 2019, Uber’s Clean Air Plan aims to tackle air pollution by helping drivers upgrade to an electric vehicle through the introduction of a Clean Air Fee – 15p a mile is added on to all London journeys which will help drivers with the cost of adopting an EV.

In the first year, Uber has raised more than £80m to support drivers transitioning to electric vehicles, with more than £200m expected to be raised over the next few years.

Through the Clean Air Plan, drivers will on average save £4,500, depending on the miles they’ve driven, off the cost of switching to an electric car. Once a driver has adopted a fully electric vehicle, the Clean Air Fee is used to support ongoing vehicle costs.

In the first year of Uber’s Clean Air Plan, 900,000 Uber journeys have taken place in electric vehicles, an increase of more than 350 per cent on the previous year. Over 500 of its drivers every week are now using zero emission EVs.

Andrew Humberstone, managing director, Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd. commented: “Through innovation and collaboration, companies like Nissan and Uber can tackle the challenges of advancing personal urban mobility, whilst also improving air quality in our major cities.”

To meet the increasing demand for electric vehicles in England’s capital, Transport for London has installed more than 1,000 EV charge points in the last year alone.