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NGK adds to sensor portfolio

Ignition specialist NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltd is adding to its portfolio of NTK sensors.
In September, the company – renowned for its market-leading NTK Lambda and other engine management sensors – is introducing new ranges of 87 NTK Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensors and 69 Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensors.

For maximum efficiency in engine operation and to ensure effective exhaust gas treatment, the engine control unit (ECU) needs to precisely regulate the air-fuel ratio.

NTK has been proving its excellence and know-how for decades as a leader in the production of original equipment (OE) Lambda sensors for vehicle manufacturers (VMs).

MAF and MAP sensors are essential elements in this process. Both provide the ECU with a signal needed to calculate the amount of air aspirated by the engine.

Mark Hallam, Marketing Manager, NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltd, said: “With the launch of MAF and MAP sensors, NTK Vehicle Electronics is again strengthening its positioning in the market. NTK has incorporated experience from more than 40 years in the sensor business into the new MAP and MAF sensor offering to make it exactly what our customers need and I am sure they will be keen to learn more about our new products.”

NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltd – a leading supplier of OE spark plugs and glow plugs, plus ignition coils, to the independent automotive aftermarket – says the experience it has in supplying the VMs worldwide allows it to offer exactly the right sensor for every vehicle application.

The company is the world’s largest manufacturer of Lambda sensors and, as an OE supplier to many of the world’s leading VMs under the NTK brand, supplies the same components and other engine management sensors to the UK aftermarket.

The quality of its range and excellent availability coupled with its class-leading technical and sales support enables NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltd to provide distributors with the necessary back-up and know-how they need to satisfy their customers and, in-turn, their garage customers’ requirements.
The company has a proven track-record in the supply of new engine management sensors. In 2014, it introduced a range of NTK exhaust gas temperature sensors (EGTS) to support the ever-increasing complexity of exhaust gas management technology.

They are thermistor devices that monitor the exhaust gas temperatures to enable the efficient operation and protection of vital components, including turbo chargers, located directly in the flow of those hot gases.

EGTS from NTK are OE in approximately 35 percent of global passenger car sensor applications and are a popular choice for VMs as they provide extreme resilience against heat and vibrations, have high measuring accuracy, fast light-off times and an exceptionally wide measuring range – and they are available in the independent automotive aftermarket

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