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New tyre changer and wheel balancer from Sealey

Sealey’s new automatic tyre changer is suitable for most cars and light commercial vehicles, is capable of changing 11″ to 24″ wheel rims, and will protect alloy wheels with the added feature of plastic protectors which are fitted to the clamping jaws and mounting head.

Supplied with a 485mm tyre lever, integrated tyre inflator, tyre soap tub, air regulator and lubricator, it incorporates an air operated rear tilting column and head lock.

Sealey’s new semi-automatic wheel balancer is self-calibrating with a manual check option. It features auto standby mode, foot operated brake, quick release locking wing nut and wheel guard with auto stop.

The data can be entered manually if required, however, auto data input for offset and wheel diameter is available and both steel and alloy settings, depending on the required location of the wheel weights, including a split (hidden) weight.

The WB10 is suitable for most cars and light commercial wheels and is supplied with four centring cones, wheel measuring calipers, weight pliers and 100g calibration weight.

For further details or to view Sealey’s range visit or alternatively call HBA Distribution on 048 3753 1155.