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New trolley jacks to Draper Tools range

Brand new to Draper Tools is a range of special edition trolley jacks.

Manufactured and tested to the latest EN1494 Standard, these high-quality jacks are ideal for professional use in the workshop.

This low-profile range of jacks needs just 73mm clearance, making them well-suited for use on sports and custom vehicles with reduced clearance height.

The heavy-duty chassis, steel castors and large saddle ensures these jacks are hardy and robust. The saddle is fitted with an integrated rubber saddle pad providing added protection to the underside of the vehicle and the EVA foam handle provides enhanced protection to the vehicle panels.

A twin piston pump also ensures a fast lift and helps make light work of lifting vehicles.

The chassis of the jack is fitted with an inbuilt magnetic parts tray, meaning losing small parts is no longer an issue in the workshop. This feature is especially useful for keeping wheel nuts safe when changing wheels.
Available in four colours, green, orange, blue and white, these jacks are tough enough to withstand frequent use. So, not only will they look good in the workshop, they’re built to last too.

This special series of jacks is just part of the impressive and growing range of automotive equipment available from Draper Tools. Visit for all the latest launches.