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New to range from Dayco

Dayco has introduced new-to-range (NTR) additions to its comprehensive aftermarket programme.

Although naturally the bulk of the new additions are timing belt kits, the fact that they also include idler pulleys, chain kits, auxiliary belts and even thermostats, clearly demonstrates the diversity of the ever-growing Dayco range.

When it comes to the NTR timing belt kits, although three also include a water pump, following the company’s practice of including all the components that the VM specifies need to be replaced during the scheduled replacement, five, which are distinguished with the letter ‘K’ at the end of the part number, also include a new stretch-bolt for the crankshaft pulley. This not only helps the technicians undertaking the work, it also provides peace-of-mind for workshops that the correct installation procedure is followed.

The additions include Dayco part number KTB917K, which caters for several Ford and PSA applications, such as Fiesta VI & VII 1.5-litre TDCi from 2012 onwards and 1.6-litre DS3 Blue HDI from 2016-19, KTB967K, for 2.0-litre diesel powered Mondeo V from 2008-14 and the characterful Peugeot RCZ 2010-15 and KTB1047, for the 2.0-litre diesel engines in the Nissan Almera and Primera from 1995-2000 and 1996-2002 respectively.

The three water pump kits consist of KTBWP9140K, which covers the 1.6-litre diesel powered Focus II from 2004-2011 and Mini from 2006-2010, KTBWP9170K, for Vauxhall Crossland and Grandland 1.6-litre diesels from 2017 onwards and KTBWP9670K, for 2.0-litre diesel PSA applications including the 308 from 2007-2015, C4 Picasso from 2006-2013 and DS5 from 2015-18.

Another notable addition, which reflects the developing technology of the auxiliary belt, is 7PK1457K, a seven ribbed poly-v belt, for the 1.6-litre DTEC engine used in the Honda Civic from 2012-15 and CR-V from 2015-18, the construction of which has been improved to include aramid fibres, to prolong its service life.

It is important for workshops to note that, despite the practices of some aftermarket suppliers, OE auxiliary belts are specifically designed to conform to very strict dimensions and so, where replacement belts of a more generic rather than vehicle specific size have been fitted, failures have occurred.

However, this new addition, like all of the auxiliary belts in Dayco’s aftermarket programme, is manufactured to vehicle specific VM specifications, which means independents have access to an OE quality solution that is designed to precise standards, in terms of both its dimensions and construction, to the OE article.