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New to range Dayco Tensioners and Pulleys from ADE

Auto Diesel Electric ltd. (ADE) is now offering the Dayco Tensioners and Pulleys range. These are original quality components that perform to the very highest standards and the range covers a huge variety of applications.

Modern engines not only have to produced increased performance from often much smaller spaces and capacities, but also feature far more auxillary and accessory systems. It is therefore vital that the control components for accessory devices, with both fixed and automatic tensioning, must meet the growing needs of the vehicle manufacturers in terms of:

  • Increasingly reduced workspaces
  • Higher temperatures
  • Continuous stress
  • Increase in the component replacement interval

This means quality of tensioners and pulleys is vital and as an OE supplier Dayco quality is second to none. The range features;

Fixed Tensioners: The final tension on the belt is applied through the correct setting of the tensioner and remains constant over time. The belt tension is therefore determined during installation. Here the Dayco DTM Tensiometer is recommended to ensure that the system functions correctly.

Automatic Tensioners: These can be spring or hydraulic. They are dynamic tensioners because once properly installed, they are able to continuously adapt to the operating conditions of the engine and optimise the belt tension according to the different stresses received from the engine, in all operating conditions.

Idler Pulleys: These are pulleys with or without support that help the belt circuit, effectively contributing to the restraint of misalignment and noise reduction.