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New tin solder replacement from Teroson

Henkel continuously develops adhesive and sealing solutions in partnership with leading OEMs in vehicle construction and manufacturing and this knowledge is directly incorporated into its repair and maintenance products for the aftermarket. For many years, VRM product improvements have therefore focused equally on health and safety, sustainability and cost-efficiency, as well as performance. And the company’s latest Teroson introduction certainly ticks all those boxes.

Teroson EP 5020 TR is a 2-component, epoxy-based tin solder replacement for rebuilding metal surfaces such as vehicle shells or car bodies made from steel or aluminium. It is also ideal for the final modelling of repulled dents on difficult-to-reach/rebuild areas or welded joints. This new addition is both lead and tin-free making it substantially more sustainable and environmentally responsible than the traditional method.

Another big benefit is that it is cold-applied so, for applications that do not require welding, there is no need to remove fire-risk items such as airbags, plastics, fabrics and fuel tanks. It can also be safely used on metal frames containing electric cables. This saves time and therefore cost. And where appropriate, cure speed can be accelerated by applying heat, so Teroson EP 5020 TR offers users far greater application flexibility.

Fast and easy to use, Teroson EP 5020 TR has excellent sag-resistance, making it the perfect choice for re-shaping difficult structures.

It has an open time of 10 minutes and is easily sandable after 2.5 hours, typically with P150 grade sandpaper. As the product is free from solvents, there is no risk of shrinkage and it causes no damage to existing cataphoretic paint or indeed, any painted areas, cavity conservation or seam sealing.

Supplied in a 175ml cartridge, Teroson EP 5020 TR can be applied via a Loctite manual piston gun or any commercially available alternative that is pneumatically, electrically or manually actuated.