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New thermostat range additions from Mahle

Mahle Aftermarket has added three new parts to its recently launched thermostat range, delivering many benefits to the aftermarket through its OE competence and innovative temperature management, including both greater engine efficiency and extensive European car parc coverage. 

The part numbers are for truck, motorcycle and passenger car applications, covering some of the world’s major vehicle manufacturers such as BMW, Volvo, Honda and Volkswagen. 

Incorporating coolant, oil and EGR thermostats, as well as thermal switches and sensors, Mahle’s Thermostat range ensures optimal operating conditions, in every part of the vehicle. It covers a variety of thermostats and other temperature-regulating components for various requirements, quickly bringing each engine to the correct operating temperature by controlling the cooling circuit. Each part is manufactured to endure extreme climate conditions, from tropical heat to arctic cold.

Using map-controlled thermostat technology, it makes it possible to safely raise the operating temperature of passenger car engines to a constant higher level, therefore optimising combustion. An integrated heating element is activated electronically on demand, shortening control times compared with conventional wax elements. As a result, the map-controlled thermostat controls the engine temperature more quickly and more precisely ­– in different load and operating conditions, and always in the optimal range.

Mahle’s technology is backed by a dedicated technical team offering full customer support, with training available as well as cross reference and stock profile support.
For further information on Mahle Original Thermostats and to view the online catalogue, go to: