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New static wheel balancer from Gunson Tools

Gunson has introduced what it says is a simple to use static wheel balancer (part number 77162) letting you quickly and easily balance your wheels in the home workshop or garage.

Static balancing ensures the tyre is balanced around its circumference, even as it deforms with speed, temperature and pressure. This reduces vibrations at high speed and enhances tyre tread life. Particularly suited to crossply and bias-belted tyres.

The wheel to be balanced centres on a machined aluminium cone allowing all types of wheels (including wire wheels) with 1½ – four inches (38mm – 101.6mm) diameter centre holes to be balanced. The balance is read using a fluid bubble level. The base is cast aluminium and includes wells for balance weights.

Place the wheel/tyre carefully onto the balancer head cone and ensure it is properly seated. With the wheel/tyre completely still, and looking from directly above, check the position of the bubble inside the level. The wheel is out of balance if any part of the bubble is touching or overlapping the black circle. Place a wheel weight on the wheel rim on the side nearest the bubble. Then observe the movement of the bubble. When the bubble is exactly centred, the wheel is balanced.