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New soft-face dead-blow hammer from Laser Tools

Laser Tools has launched a new soft-faced dead blow hammer, which has a multitude of uses, but its size and weight make it ideal for use when trying to remove road wheels that are seized solid to the hub through dissimilar metal corrosion (alloy wheels on a steel hub)

The useful 10.5 lb weight (4.76 kg) and 762 mm length makes it an easy job to dislodge the most stubborn of wheels, the dead blow action of the hammer delivering a positive, powerful blow with no unpredictable bounce back.

A dead blow hammer is designed to minimise damage to the struck surface while also minimising rebound. Less rebound is helpful in avoiding accidental damage, especially in tight locations.

This hammer is also great for HGV and agricultural wheels which are difficult to handle and often need a little encouragement to loosen. It is also useful for landscaping, paving and timber work.

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