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New Sealey rechargeable inspection lamps and docking station

Sealey’s new rechargeable slim folding inspection lamp features 12 SMD LED’s which produce up to 500 lumens and is operated by a rolling dimmer switch.

This product from Sealey has a variety of uses; it can be used in confined spaces with a 6mm minimum thickness, the arm can be rotated 180°, folded back for use as a hands-free inspection lamp and the 1W SMD LED in the end can be used as a directional torch which is perfect for when you need to direct the light. It can be folded away becoming small and compact, making it suitable for keeping in your pocket. Last of all, it is appropriate for hands-free operation due to it being built with three magnets and a hanging hook.

This Inspection Lamp is powered by a 3.7V 2.6Ah rechargeable Li-ion battery which lasts up to eight hours plus comes included with a USB charging lead. This product can be purchased individually as LED1801 or as package of LED1801K.
LED1801K, Sealey’s rechargeable floodlight/inspection lamp docking station is supplied as a kit with two LED1801’s, a 5V-2A mains adaptor and 1m USB charging cable. When the Inspection Lights are docked, they can be charged using the two charging points with individual LED charging level indicators or it can also be used as a floodlight. Making this another impressive, well rounded new product from Sealey.

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