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New rechargeable battery-powered plastic welder repair kit

Due to the high costs associated with the replacement of plastic panels (bumpers, inner wings, headlamp bodies, engine covers, motorcycle bodywork, etc), this new rechargeable battery-powered plastic welder repair kit from Power-TEC (part number 92549) was developed to repair small to medium sized damage that could render a panel unusable.

The tool is supplied with two types of quick-change plastic welding attachments: a standard plastic welding tip plus a plastic welding tip fitted with a filler rod feeding tube. Usefully, by another change of attachment, it becomes a hot stapler, making the new kit a complete solution for quick and easy plastic panel repairs.

This plastic welding tool is particularly convenient and versatile as it is cordless and powered by a lithium-ion battery (2400mAh) which is rechargeable via a convenient USB port on a PC, laptop, power bank or USB adaptor. An LED torch function is also included which also indicates that the welding tool heat control is switched on.

The kit also comes with a range of consumables which makes it instantly ready for use: three sheets of stainless steel wire mesh (50mm x 100mm); four types of plastic welding filler rods (three rods in each pack) suitable for PE (polyethylene), ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), PP (polypropylene) and PS (polystyrene) plastics; plus two sizes of stainless steel staples, 50 x 0.6mm and 50 x 0.8mm. All these consumables can be purchased separately to keep your kit fully stocked.

The tool is easy to use, it heats up quickly and everything you need is supplied in a convenient case ready to take straight to the job.