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New ratchet brake piston spreader from Laser Tools

When fitting new brake pads, make light work of the sometimes awkward job of pressing back the caliper pistons with this easy to use brake caliper piston spreader from Laser Tools (part number 6743).

On this piston spreader, the steel pads stay parallel so you can easily press back single piston, dual piston or four piston brake calipers; and the pistons don’t bind since they’re being kept parallel and pushed straight back into the caliper bore. There’s no effort needed to move them back; just place the tool in the caliper and ratchet the piston(s) out of the way.

With the ratchet handle capable of moving through a full 360ยบ, even when access is difficult it will be easy to find a convenient angle to place the tool in the caliper.

Fast and easy to use, the ratchet brake piston spreader is excellent value and available now from your Laser Tools supplier.

More details from www.lasertools.co.uk