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New Nissan Juke primed and ready for action

Selling over one million units since its debut appearance in 2010, the new Nissan Juke has been in the final stages of road testing, showing a new look and agile driving performances ahead of its official unveiling next month.

Taking to the Millbrook testing track in the UK with a camouflaged exterior, there are elements of the new design left to drivers’ imagination, but the stage is set for its bold return to the B-SUV segment it pioneered almost a decade ago.

Designed in Europe, the new Juke has been an exciting and successful journey in collaboration, bringing together talented Nissan designers across the region to work together on its evolution. The original Juke model landed with significant impact and captured the imagination of drivers – the next episode is about to begin.

Before the official unveiling in early September, Nissan has revealed some details. Sleek coupe lines, striking 19” alloy wheels and athletic stance that promises a new standard in compact crossover design

Nissan says that inspiration for the new Juke design development has been tailored around the B-SUV customer segment’s demands for leading design, latest tech and ‘fun to drive’ performance.

Nissan says that it is loaded with empowering tech, Juke becomes their third model to feature ‘ProPilot’ technology, which forms part of the the Japanese carmaker’s ‘Intelligent Mobility’ vision.

The footprint of new Juke has increased in size according to Nissan. It adds that this provides greater ‘roominess’ and comfort for the driver and passengers, without losing its agile driving style.

It boasts that having launched and led the B-SUV segment with the first model, the Nissan Juke will shortly be back with its unique identity, even more character, exciting performances and a leading level of connectivity that responds to drivers’ evolving needs.

Nissan claims that it is about to unleash an even bigger personality and exciting driving experience that will appeal to the growing number of drivers opting for the B-SUV segment.

It’s parting shot is “Rest assured: while Juke has grown up in many respects, it will ultimately remain fun to drive.” We’ll hopefully see soon that it is right!