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New Mobile Dispensing Tanks from Sealey

Sealey’s new Mobile Dispensing Tanks, distributed in Ireland by HBA Distribution, are manufactured from hard wearing and durable polyethylene.

The 55 litre capacity tanks are suitable for the distribution of Diesel, Oil, AdBlue, Water and Antifreeze.

Factory background with concrete floor, night scene.

They are available in three configurations and colours; Model No. DT55RCOMBO1 (Red) is supplied with Model No. TP55 Oil Rotary Pump, DT55GCOMBO1 (Grey) is supplied with Model No. TP96 12V Diesel Pump Kit, and DT55BCOMBO1 (Blue) is supplied with Model No. TP6607 AdBlue Lever Pump.

The units are fitted with two roller wheels, a hose holder and vent caps. Each tank features a two inch BSP thread and four point screw fitting which enables other pumps to be fitted as required.

For more information contact HBA Distribution on 048 3753 1155 or visit