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New mixing clear from Glasurit

Glasurit has developed a new mixing clear for 22 Line High-Solid VOC. Glasurit 522-MC 600 Mixing Clear offers exactly the same properties that set its predecessor, 522-MC 35 apart.

Glasurit 522-MC 600 Mixing Clear for 22 Line VOC offers outstanding application and spraying properties as well as good drying and good polishing properties. Its optimal levelling and excellent flow ensure exceptional application results, including for mat and textured colors. Spraypainters can also rely on the proven color documentation and accuracy. The only differences between the two mixing clears are the respective portfolio of hardeners and thinners and the mixing ratio.

The two reasons driving Glasurit’s development of the new mixing clear are straightforward: the Glasurit RATIO system concept and the success of the new clearcoat generation. In 2015, Glasurit launched the clearcoat line with 600- product numbers. These clearcoats produce more brilliant results extremely efficiently in keeping with the slogan “Quicker, more brilliant, more efficient”. The clearcoats also required a new portfolio of hardeners and thinners with the new 3:1:1 mixing ratio. Previously, bodyshops using 22 Line with the new clearcoats had to keep both hardener and thinner portfolios on hand and observe different mixing ratios.

Now, with the new 522-MC 600 Mixing Clear, Glasurit has coordinated the hardener and thinner portfolio and the mixing clear’s mixing ratio to match the clearcoat line with 600- product numbers. This means that the Glasurit RATIO System concept now fits 22 Line and the new clearcoats, which makes the use of Glasurit products so easy and reliable: one system, one product portfolio and one uniform mixing ratio.

All in all, the new mixing clear, combined with the new clearcoats with 600- product numbers, maintains the proven high Glasurit quality with the reliability of the Glasurit RATIO system.