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New Mitsubishi L200 goes on sale in August

Mitsubishi Motors Ireland will introduce the all-new L200 Double Cab model here in August. It will be available in three trims, ‘Business’ (Manual), ‘Intense’ (Manual or Automatic) and ‘Instyle’ (Automatic).

The ‘Business’ version price starts from €35,000, with the expected best selling version starting from €37,850 (‘Intense’ Manual) to €41,935 for the higher specified, top of the range model (‘Instyle’ Auto).

Featuring a 2.2L turbocharged diesel engine providing claimed very good fuel economy and low CO2 emissions, while meeting the latest strict Euro emissions standards and Mitsubishi also boasts that that it produces the power and efficiency you’ll need.

Comes with a new 6-speed automatic transmission with sport mode that optimises gear ratios, improving fuel economy and engine quietness even at high speeds, offering you total control with the flick of a lever for a sporty, manual-like driving experience.

The new L200 is a global strategic model, which will eventually be sold in some 150 countries around the globe.

Overall, Mitsubishi says that the new model features significant improvements and enhancements to the durability and reliability required by the commercial user and to the comfort and ride sought by the private user.

Newly sculpted body curves with contrasting sharp lines, extended wheel flares and bright accents embody the strength of a Mitsubishi Motors pick-up and add modernity. The Japanese carmaker also says that the lighting and bumper parts become part of the tough design, framing the front and rear designs and adding visual width.

The restyled interior of the L200 expresses a modern and robust feeling with frame surroundings for the switch panel and air outlets. A higher quality look is created by soft pad materials and stitching on the floor console, armrests and parking brake.

New L200 4WD models are fitted with wither ‘Super-Select 4WD’, which Mitsubishi claims delivers optimum traction and handling characteristics for any given surface, or ‘Easy-Select 4WD’, which simplifies switching between drive modes for different road surfaces. With the addition of new drive modes, both 4WD systems promise to deliver improved off-road performance.

Mitsubishi says that the all-new L200 retains the current model’s high-durability, high-reliability ladder-type frame and high impact-safety cabin structure while featuring class- leading advanced active safety and driver assistance systems.