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New lightweight aluminium steering turntables from Gunson Tools

These new steering turntables from Gunson Tools (part number 77158) are supplied as a pair and enable the user to check the steering angle on full lock to ensure the steering is centralised; check toe in/toe out on turns; and check the caster and KPI (king pin inclination) when used in conjunction with the Gunson 77099 Caster, Camber and KPI gauge.

To accurately measure the caster angle you need to rotate the wheels 15 or 20 degrees in either direction. The big advantage of these Gunson turntables is that they are manufactured from aluminium, thus lightweight and easily portable (each turntable weighs five kg). Suitable for use on both classic and modern vehicles as they can handle a maximum weight each of 2,000kg. The range across the turntable is +/- 50˚ in 1˚ increments, offering exceptional accuracy, particularly important in modern vehicles that use variable ratio steering racks or variable rate power steering systems. For this reason it is even more vital than ever that the steering system be correctly centralised before setting/checking any steering and suspension geometry.

The turntables can be used on a vehicle hoist in conjunction with a 3D wheel alignment machine, or used on a level workshop floor as stand-alone turntables. The turntables can be locked to keep them central as the vehicle is positioned onto the turntables, then the locking pins are removed to begin checking and adjustment.

Suitable for workshop, mobile mechanic or race team use, the Gunson 77158 is available now from local stockists.