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New Kia 7 Year Warranty logo

Kia has unveiled a new 7-year warranty logo, which embodies the company’s ethos of “ Quality Redefined”.

Kia describes its 7 year or 150,000 kilometre warranty as an unique and clear commitment to ensuring owners benefit from the highest standards in car manufacturing.

It’s also Kia’s commitment to the owners, demonstrating the brand’s confidence in the quality in every component and that your Kia will stand the test of time. 

Every model is covered with a 7-year manufacturer’s car warranty – with no hidden small print or nasty surprises. And you can also pass it on: reselling your Kia within the warranty terms and the new owner will also benefit from the remaining time or mileage. It’s just one of the great benefits of owning a Kia – giving greater value for longer.

With Kia you get 7 years of driving pleasure, 7 years of fun, 7 years of adventure, excitement and exhilaration. Not to mention 7 years of lower running costs and 7 years peace of mind.