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New high quality Sound Level Meter from Laser Tools

The Laser 6605 is a high quality Sound Level Meter used for measurement of mechanical and environmental noise. It is a Class 2 Sound Level Meter designed to meet the requirements of IEC 61672-1. Typically, Class 2 Sound Level Meters are suitable for occupational noise measurements such as the UK Controls of Noise at Work Regulations or the OSHA Occupational Noise standards.

Thus it is ideal for occupational and industrial hygiene noise evaluations; noise at work surveys and noise exposure calculations; noise ordinance enforcement; machinery noise tests and general noise measurements.
The 6605 Sound Level Meter is capable of measuring sound in four different ranges, from just 30 decibels right up to 130dB. The four available measurement ranges are (1 low level) 30-80dB, (2 medium level) 50-100dB, (3 high level) 80-130dB and the auto range:30-130dB.
The device is fully featured, including a hold function, Max and Min functions (where the maximum or minimum sound level is captured and held until a high (or lower) sound is captured, and it can record and save up to 80 readings. The included wind shield is used to gain accurate sound captures in windy conditions and avoid background noise.

More details from www.lasertools.co.uk