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New hands-free suspension arm lever from Laser Tools

When removing ball joints, control arms and suspension struts it’s always a struggle to hold the lower suspension arm out of the way; even with a dedicated suspension arm lever, you’re wrestling against the anti-roll bar and it feels like you need a third hand.

Laser Tools to the rescue! With this new hands-free suspension arm lever (part number 6936), once it’s fitted, simply wind down the lower suspension arm and it is held there under tension as you release the lower ball joint or the suspension strut. And once the suspension is dismantled, the lower arm stays in place until you are ready to reassemble.

Fitted in seconds, the hands-free suspension arm lever is specifically designed to pull and hold down the lower suspension arm to allow separation of the hub from the lower arm — makes the job easier, safer and much more convenient with the hands free operation. The main bar is a useful 75cm in length which reaches across to the suspension on the other side for easy securing.

The suspension arm lever is not intended to break the taper of the suspension joint; the joint must be separated from the suspension arm using the appropriate tool, as the hands-free suspension lever holds and supports the lower arm.