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New general purpose hybrid adhesive

Henkel’s new Loctite HY 4070 adhesive is now on the market. One of the company’s new Universal Structural Bonders, its many attributes have been achieved through new, patented hybrid technology. It combines the qualities of different adhesives to achieve bond strength, cure speed and durability. And for those involved in vehicle repair and maintenance, the development provides several advantages.

Loctite HY 4070 provides a 60 second fixture and 5 minute cure on most plastics or plastic/metal combinations and rubber materials. Nozzle life is good and it is particularly effective where the application involves variable gaps, up to 5mm, between mixed substrates. A key attribute is the adhesive’s ability to create a very tough joint that will resist impact and flexing.

This is an ideal general purpose bonder for bodyshops – a single product suitable for multiple applications. Its formulation also requires minimal hazard labelling, so it’s safer to handle too. Typical applications range from repairing under bonnet clips and brackets to fixing lugs to lamps or grilles. Loctite HY 4070 can also be used to fill deep scratches and scrapes in alloy wheels prior to repainting.

The product is supplied in a 10ml, ready to use pack. For more information on Loctite 4070 HY and Henkel’s patented hybrid technology go to www.loctite.co.uk/limitless