New flowable filler from Teroson

Henkel’s Plastic Padding and Teroson ranges already provide a one stop shop for bodywork repair but the choice is now even greater with the addition of a new flowable polyester filler, Teroson UP 270. It allows the application of thin layers to achieve the perfect finish before painting and is particularly good for skimming large areas.

This smooth, grey-green filler is easy to mix and unlike many competitor products, does not create pin-holes when applied to the surface. It’s also easy to sand and blend feather-edging to provide the best possible foundation for painting.

Teroson UP 270 is supplied in a handy pouch and has a pot life of 4½ minutes. It is suitable for use on bare steel, aluminium, galvanised surfaces and glass fibre.

This new addition adds another level of finishing refinement to the Henkel range. It is the perfect complement to Henkel’s established Plastic Padding fillers that are also based on polyester technology. As a flowable alternative, Teroson UP 270 is the best choice when the final layer needs to be ultra-fine and self-levelling.