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New fixed penalty notices now in place

New regulations have been signed into law that empower Local Authorities to issue Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) to bodyshops and paint suppliers that do not conform with environmental regulations.

The regulations were signed into law on June 28, by Minister Simon Coveney, and allow for a fine of €500 for a vehicle refinisher operating without a certificate of compliance, a fine of €1,000 for placing non-compliant paints on the market and a fine of €1,000, for placing improperly labelled products on the market.

Additional, that is multiple fines, can be imposed if the operator fails to gain compliance with the regulations.

The introduction of fixed payment notices has taken longer than anticipated as technical amendments to the legislation were required to allow for both FPNs and the existing structure of summary prosecutions at District Court level to work in tandem.

This process has now been completed. The new regulations will as before also allow for certified exception on the use of products with a VOC content above the legal limit for vintage vehicles. However, this can only be used with the express permission of the local authority.