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New features added to Sogefi’s Aftermarket Apps

The Sogefi Aftermarket apps have been improved to increase the functionality and the usage with new features such as scanning barcodes and access to the new Cabin3tech+ dedicated mini-site.

With the ‘scan barcodes’ feature users can display the product sheet of the scanned reference directly from the packaging. It is fast and reliable and takes less time than entering data by hand.

Cabin3Tech+ is the cabin air filter launched by Sogefi that combines one the best in cabin filtration technology. Now customers can get detailed product information directly from the app homepage and access to the 56 new references, which Sogefi says cover over up to 150 million cars around Europe.

In addition to these new features, customers can explore the company’s extensive product portfolio browsing the catalogues, in detail and at any time; discover the ‘new-to-range’ available, be linked to the video installation tutorial on YouTube and be updated on what’s happening by reading the news.

Choose between Purflux, Fram (Europe) and CoopersFiaam, available on iOS and Android.